Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference, New Companion, New Area

I LOVE CONFERENCE! There are some really amazing things that I learned at conference, and it was really cool to be there as a missionary because I feel like so much of it had just greater impact on me than it had before. I saw the little boys holdings hands too and it made my heart melt. So cute!

So my new companion's name is Sister Dayton, and she is actually one of Sara Buckley's best friends! So we kinda know each other because we had met once when I went to someone's farewell. That was crazy! She is from Salt Lake City proper and her Great Uncle was actually Elder Perry so she cried though a good part of the conference because it was hard for her. But she is such a trooper and she is so willing and ready to learn about everything there is to know:) I'm second half training her so she has already been out 6 weeks, but she and I have a lot of leg room to cover in this area because she still doesn't know exactly what she is doing.. haha.. its all good though:)

I'm actually in Columbus, GA so I'm about 2 hours away from where I was before in Warner Robins. This base here is Fort Benning. There are some really nice people here, and the members that have fed us are a lot like the members I would suspect you'd find in Utah.. Haha. So that is pretty fun too.

And Sister Shephard actually wasn't from the mission office, but rather a member we had lunch with. Probably should have gone though the mission office, but we were on a time crunch and needed the information ASAP. Haha that was super fun though to hear you talk to her.

I do automatically receive a Ensign from the mission, so I think I should be fine. We might fight over the little insert with all the new apostles on it though.. Haha Ok not really, I'd let my companion have it, but its funny to think about..

I'm sorry this email isn't as long as most my emails are, but I have a lot to do today since its a new area that needs a lot of updating and fixing up.
Love you!

Sister Monica Walker

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