Monday, September 28, 2015


To my favorite Mother in the whole wide world,

I'm being transferred! I'm also still going to be a Sister Training Leader, and I'm also going to be a trainer. So basically I'm going to be super busy this next transfer. I just hope that I will be able to do all that the Lord wants and expects of me in the next 6 weeks. I do know however, that I can do whatever the Lord asks me to do as long as I am relying on Him, because He can do anything, even shape me in the way He needs me. I am of course very nervous, but I am still very excited to be able to have this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and my Brother, Jesus Christ. 

Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, I was able to bear my testimony to the ward, and I hardly got any words out before I was crying. It's almost harder to leave this area than it is to leave home because the people at home I know I will see again soon, but the people here I might not ever see again in this life. It isn't a bad thing though because how wonderful will be our reunion in the Celestial Kingdom will all these people who I have met and become like family too? I really have loved serving in Warner Robins and I am so super excited to be a part of the Lord's work elsewhere.
In other news though, I don't remember if I told you about Endora, but she and her two older daughters are preparing for baptism, and this last week we discovered that her boyfriend might be interested in learning too! We weren't sure before, because he would always take the baby and go outside when we came, granted he was always very nice, and he wasn't leaving because we got there, but rather to help it be a more calm environment without the baby. It turns out though that he might get baptized with the rest of his family! That made me kind of excited because they would be baptizing a whole family in stead of just part, and then they can go to the temple in a year and be sealed for ever as a family. It makes me so happy and excited when that is everyone's goal! Because families truly can be forever, but only through God's authority and not anyone else's.

I also really loved Conference! We watched it at a member's home, and it was such a spiritually uplifting event! The story of the girls Great Aunt Rose made me cry. It testified to me of the love that my Savior has for every single person in the world, and that no matter where we are in life, He can help us lift those burdens and "shake off the chains" of the adversary (2 Nephi 1:23).

I love my Father in Heaven! He is such a source of comfort to me:) Especially when those hard times come (as they always do) and I can't go to any of my other family. His Beloved Son, My Brother, knows my sufferings and my joys and weeps and rejoices with me every single day. The Holy Ghost is always with me and I can feel Him guiding my thoughts, words, and actions in the direction that My Father wants. Jesus Christ LIVES! And because He lives I can have joy, and peace, and hope! There is nothing that can change my thoughts on that. I know that the love my family (both earthly and heavenly) have for me is real, and powerful. Prayer is the key to greater knowledge and enlightenment. I love my scriptures, and I learn from them all the time. God is real.

I love you!
-Sister Monica Walker

(Your favorite child)

P.S. What happens for transfers here is that we all get on a conference call Saturday night (Except this time is was Saturday morning due to the women's session of conference), and they list the names of the missionaries who need to pack their bags and go to the transfer meeting on Tuesday. They also list the names for all the new trainers (whether 2nd half or brand new isn't announced) and they have to be early to the transfer meeting for another meeting that they will go to to help them learn how to be trainers. Then today (Monday) They send an email out with the names of all the leaders for the transfer, and my name was on that too. But they list those randomly because they don't want people to be able to guess who their companion is before they get to the transfer meeting. (Although if you really in tune with the spirit you'd be able to figure it out) haha so really I don't know much except for the fact that I have to pack and prepare to help another missionary learn the ropes and that somewhere I will be training all the sisters in the area.

I don't know if it will be a brand new missionary or a missionary that has been out for 6 weeks, since training technically is 12 weeks. But yes. The Lord has asked me to do a lot this next transfer. Basically every position that I can fill on my mission all at once. Plus I'm transfering. So yep. I know I can do it though. Because the Lord has asked me too, and He's not going to leave me hanging

Mom I do want you to know that as hard as a mission is I really do love being here:) It is so awesome and I get to meet all these wonderful people. I do miss talking with you all the time though about the things I learn, but there is just not enough time to share everything that I want to with you, but I am making a little book for what I learn from the Book of Mormon, and I will send that to you when I am done and you can read that:)

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