Monday, October 12, 2015

I love Georgia!

Dearest Mother,

I love Georgia!! And I love service! Last Saturday we went out with the Red Cross and went door to door installing free smoke detectors for those who didn't have smoke detectors, replacing old batteries for new ones if they did, and also telling lots of people how to be safe in case of a fire, or a tornado. They probably should have been telling us about how to be safe in case of a flood, but we didn't. No flood have happened here yet, and I don't think they are expected to yet, but I did here about South Carolina. One investigator was telling us that her mom came to stay with her for a little bit because she is afraid of the flooding that is occurring, and that many dams have broken up there because of it, which really isn't helping anything. On the bright side though, we are all safe where we are right now, and everybody is aware and looking out for anymore floods which they will then warn everyone else about.

I have decided I really like being able to go on base here. Sure its a hassle to have to go through security every single time we are visiting investigators or less active members, but its also fun to be able to say that I have been on a military base. Sister Dayton and I are considering getting 30 day passes though because every time we go on base we have to get a day pass, and that takes more time than if we were just to get a 30 day pass. I see the Lord's hand in my life every day though with some of these people. Because as military people, they get moved around a lot, so we have to check on some of the less active military members to make sure they are still there, and sometimes it will lead us to people we would not have been able to find other wise. Or it will help others be more involved and active in church when they weren't before. I am also learning a lot of military terms that I didn't know before, and I am getting to know a lot of what military people do on base, because we get fed a lot and each of them tell me a little bit (well the parts that they can tell me) and it is kinda cool to hear about because before I honestly couldn't really have told anyone anything about any military job because I didn't know anything.

There is a street called Walker here and we have 3 investigators on that street. Its my favorite street:) We went and tracted on it because I really wanted to see who would want to hear about the restored gospel from a lady whose last name matched that of the street that they lived on. Haha.

Well, I love you all, keep on Ponderizing! and don't forget we are trying to make that a new word that people use constantly:)

-Sister Monica Walker

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