Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Dearest Mother:)

This last week has been pretty amazing! So many miracles have been going on as we go around trying to share our testimonies of the Restoration. One of my favorites has been concerning our maintenance people. One of them, whose name is Dwight, lives in Macon. We have always waved at him when we saw him, and we always go and say hi. A few weeks before Sister Applegate left, we went and invited him to a baptism. Despite the fact that he didn't come, we were glad we invited him, because we were able to find out some of the problems he was having at home with a very sick wife. We offered to send the Elder's over to give her a blessing, and he told us he would get back to us, because he wanted to wait until she was more lucid before having someone come over. On Sister Dietz's first day here, he called to tell us, because he knew we would want to know, that his son had been killed in an automobile accident the Friday prior, and that he had just buried him, and then his wife had died that morning, and he was going to bury her later that week. We thanked him for telling us, and tried to offer the comfort we could over the phone. We didn't see him for a while, but the next time we did, we told him that the Elder's we were telling him about not only can give blessings of healing, but of comfort, and we asked if he would like one. He said yes, so we called Elders Owen and Wilkins (The APs) and told them where he lived and when he'd be home as well as gave them his phone number. Dwight was really excited to have them come. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication, they missed each other, but they were still able to meet Dwight's in-laws and teach them a little about the Restoration. They even said a prayer and then left. They called Dwight later and told him they were sorry they missed him, and have been trying to set up an appointment with him since. (He works two jobs so it's hard to catch him.) Dwight later told us that even though he missed them, he knew something had changed just by them being there. He still wants the Elders to come by though because he wants to continue to have that good feeling they left last time when he missed them. However, as sad as his circumstances are, I know that it has prepared him to hear and listen to the message we have to share. He loves the Spirit we bring when we talk with him, as well as the Elder's when they speak with him over the phone.

Our other maintenance guy, Thomas, we would also wave to every day, and this morning when he was fixing one of our light bulbs, we asked him if he'd be interested in learning more, and he said that if we could catch him when he wasn't working he'd like that. He was visiting his girlfriend in Jacksonville, Florida, and saw two Elders who lived two doors down from his girlfriend backing up the driver in the car. He apparently went and talked with them and told them he had two girls in the apartment complex that he works at that does the same thing. They explained that we were all from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and that our church was all over the world. He then told us his girlfriend was coming up that weekend, and that we could try to see if we could see them then, because she is really religious too. Haha. So we gave him a Finding Faith in Jesus card with our number on it, and told him to call us if he has time and we will see what we can do. I'm so grateful to be able to be an example to those around us, so they can know that there is something a little different about what we share.

We then gave Dwight and Thomas some cookies, thanked them for fixing our lights, and then they left, and we came here. It is really fun being an example to others, even if it is because we look a little strange because we are backing each other up in the middle of a field of grass. 

I love you a lot! Have a wonderful week! and always remember your Savior!

-Sister Monica Walker

P.S. Oh! I forgot to tell you that Sister Cottle [Mission President's wife] told me to tell you that I am an awesome missionary, and that my area has been leading the mission since I have been here, and that she loves me, and Ben, and thinks I'm amazing.. And a bunch of other stuff I forgot.

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