Monday, August 15, 2016

No Perfect People, But True Church

Dearest Mother,

This week has been so crazy!! So many awesome things have happened.

First things first. I told you last week that we found out that we were moving last Wednesday. We literally had two days to pack up all our stuff and clean the whole apartment so that when we moved out, the Elders that moved in wouldn't have too much to complain about. Although we didn't have time to vacuum so I feel bad about all the hair they will find for the next little while.. Granted it has been a sister apartment for the last I don't know how long, so its possible that the hair will be forever ingrained in that apartment! Haha.. They said it would be ok though, and they appreciated us cleaning the rest of it for them. So Tuesday evening, the mission office couple over housing came down here and they took us out to eat. Wednesday morning, the four other Elders, us and the Senior couple got all of our stuff out of our old apartment and put the elders stuff in the apartment, and then went over to our new apartment (which by the way is literally just around the corner. Its the same apartment complex just a new number) and unpacked our stuff and our furniture and "new" stuff that the missionary couple brought us. (Their names by the way is Elder and Sister Grigsby.) Our new mission president's wife, Sister Grayson thinks that all the missionaries here should have a "home" to come home to, so she is making sure that we all have pictures on our walls and the like. It is very sweet of her, but it meant that we spent a while trying to make our apartment look like people lived in it, and not just stalkers with giant maps and people, and tons of church supplies.. I thought it was funny.. Very much appreciated though!

We had a awesome Zone Training Meeting Thursday. I cried through the whole thing. The Spirit was there so much! And everything was so uplifting! Saturday and Sunday were awesome too, because we had our Stake Conference, and we had a visiting General Authority come. His name is Elder Sitati, and he is from Kenya. He is a member of the first quorum of the 70 and he is over the area that I serve in. Im not sure how they classify this area, but that's all I really know. 

And sad to say, but I am again running out of time. I was hoping I would get the opportunity to write more about it, but it has been a crazy day, and we still have so much left to do! We have to fun over to Tifton in a minute for our interviews with our mission president, and so sadly I don't have as much time as I wish to to be able to write as much as I want to. I will bring my notebook with me next week too so that I can tell you all about each of those meetings:) But for now, just know that it is awesome to know that this church is true! It doesn't matter what people around you say, or whether they are seemingly of influence. No one ever claimed this church had perfect people, we just claim to have the fullness of the truth of Christ's gospel.

One question posed to me by my ward mission leader. If for some reason, something drove me away from coming to church, what would I then do with my life? Where would I go to find the spiritual nourishment that I need? Knowing what I know about authority, and the priesthood, and modern revelation, if I deny this church, I would never be able to find any other to even begin to compare to the spiritual power found in this one. If this church is not true, then the true church cannot be found anywhere on the earth!

However, I do know that this is the only church in the whole world that is led my God's loving guidance. I know we have a true and living prophet that receives revelation that helps each and every one of us every day! I know that we are loved by Him, and that he takes care of us even in the smallest of ways. I know that the Book of Mormon was written by Him through prophets that lived in America, and has the same power as the Bible in convincing people of His existence. I love this gospel!! And I will never allow anyone to convince me to leave. Because it is the source of all my happiness. Without it, I have no promise of a forever family, I have no promise of peace, I have no promise of love or of really anything. This gospel is my life. It is who I am. I will never ever regret that. I hope you never will either.

I love you all! I will talk to you next week!

-Sister Monica Walker

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