Monday, August 8, 2016


Dearest Mother,

I am sorry I shocked you when I told you I played the organ in church.. But ready to be shocked again? I did it yesterday too!! But I probably wont be doing it again just because the lady that normally does it will be back in town this week. Plus this next weekend is Stake Conference and I will definitely not be playing then.. There are people in this Stake that play better then me. Plus there is a 70 coming. That would be so scary to play at Stake Conference, even though its a stake that really doesn't know who I am, and I will be leaving soon.. About my playing yesterday though.. Apparently whoever was doing the programs misheard the hymns that I was told, and so they announced the hymns and one of them was one that I hadn't practiced!! I nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully though, the hymn that was replaced was the one that I was having the hardest time with, and it was replaced with a hymn that I could sight read pretty well.. Trust me I was praying the entire time that I played that I wouldn't mess up too bad. I didn't play with the feet, because I'm not very good at that part, and I can't practice very easily on the organ at church, usually when I practiced it would be at night before I went to bed and in the morning when I would wake up on the electric piano I borrowed from the seminary room. It has an organ setting so I was able to practice playing it on the "organ". And then it was nice because Sacrament Meeting went over by like 20 mins and so I only had to play the last song one time through. It was kinda fun though and I would love to do it for real except that I honestly don't have a whole lot of time to practice on my mission.

News of this week- We (the sisters) are moving to a new apartment on Wednesday, so I'm not sure if I have given you our direct address or not, but if I have, make sure you are sending everything to the mission address:

400 Northside Crossing
Macon, GA 31210

I don't know where exactly we are moving yet and I don't think I will know until we are moving stuff.. It is in the same apartment complex though, it is just a different one. In case you are wondering why in the world are we moving apartments- so we have two new Elders here in this ward. They are currently living with the other Elders in the spare room that is in their apartment, but because President Grayson doesn't like more than one set of missionaries to an apartment, they have been trying to find these two new missionaries an apartment since. For whatever reason, this morning they decided we were going to get the new apartment, and the Elders were going to get ours. I think its because the new apartment that we are moving into is further away from the other Elders apartment.. I don't really know though. So today we are going to have to pack up our entire apartment to prepare to move on Wed to the new one. Its going to be crazy..

Also fun story!! So Saturday night we came home to our apartment after our Ward Correlation meeting, and found our smoke/CO alarm going off.. There wasn't any smoke though and nothing there to have made CO so we tried turning it off. Eventually we got it off, but we did call our mission nurse Sister Finlinson to let her know, and she told us that we needed to air out the apartment, but that if it hadn't gone off again then it probably wasn't anything. But she said to call Elder Grayson (the housing missionary). So we did, and they told us not to worry and just to let them know if it went off again. So we were getting ready for bed, when Sister Grayson (our Mission President's wife) calls us and tells us that we have to get out of the house immediately, and to go to the nearest Sister's apartment. When we told her it was an hour away, she told us to go to a members home. Just in case it was a real alarm and not a malfunction. So we called our Ward mission Leader, and he said we could come crash at his house for the night. And then we were headed out the door, and Sister Grayson called us again and said she had spoken to Elder Grigsby and that we should be safe there for the night, but as soon as it goes off again we need to get out and call the fire department. It didn't go off again so we were safe, and I had to call our Ward Mission Leader back and call off our crashing at their place. That made me sad, because I thought that would have been so much fun! Even if all we did was sleep there..

That's really it for this week:) There will probably be lots next week with Stake Conference and everything.
I miss you lots and lots and lots:):)
Love you!

-Sister Monica Walker

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