Sunday, April 10, 2016

General Conference Weekend

Dear Mother:)

It is interesting that I am away from so much at home and home life. There are so many things that I forget that I used to do when I was home, and a year hasn't even passed! It is crazy to me to think that at this time next year I will be in school, and continuing my education, when I still have a long time to go on my mission. There are some awesome memories being made though here:)

For example, last Monday it rained super hard pretty much all day long (which it does every other day it seems like), and so Tuesday in the earlier evening, so before it got dark, Sister Danible and I and a recent convert who was in the car with us were driving down this road to find a potential we wanted to see. The GPS took us down this dirt road, and it came to this curve with a mud puddle in the middle of it. We looked at it for a while, but because we really wanted to see this potential, we decided to try to see if our car would make it (not the smartest thing ever), and our car got stuck. We realized pretty fast it was stuck, so we didn't try super hard to get out, because we didn't want it to sink even more. We rolled the windows down to see how far up on the car it was, and it was pretty far up. We didn't dare open our doors for fear of mud getting to the inside of the car. Plus it smelled nasty and we really didn't want to have to smell that until we could get it cleaned. But since we needed to go see what the address was where we were, and to see if there was anyone who could help us, we climbed out of the window of the car (after taking off our shoes so they wouldn't get muddy), well Sister Danible and I did, the member just stayed in the car, and ran barefoot across lots of rocks to a trailer park to ask for help. Long story short, the people in the trailer park couldn't help us as far as getting it out, but they did offer up their homes for us to stay in until a friend could come tow us out. We took pictures of it, because it was funny, and an adventure, and when the member who was towing us out came to get us, he made us get back in the mud so he could take pictures too.. And then he posted them on Facebook.. So those pictures are out there somewhere too.. Super fun:)

The car is ok, minus a few unnecessary pieces (something about a splash guard? The Firestone guy said we didn't need it on the car), one of which fell off in the mud, and the other which got bent when we went through the car wash, and it got super bent and scratched the pavement until we were able to get to a Firestone to have them remove it. *hides the whole way there because it was super loud and embarrassing* We turned the music up loud so we didn't hear it scratching the ground, and laughed the whole way out of the parking lot where we had inspected it and seen it bent in half.. Possibly the best part. Everyone's attention was on us. We are ok too:)

Conference was wonderful! We worked it out so that we were able to go to some members homes with some of the recent converts, and it perhaps was one of the best conference experiences I have ever had. After conference at each members home, we went around and told each other something that we had learned, something that struck us, or a talk in general that we really liked. It was really cool to see the different things that people had pointed out, and what struck different people. One of the members afterwards came up to us and thanks us for asking them to have us over for conference and dinner because it was a wonderful spiritual experience for him that he hopes to be able to one day repeat. He said it brought a great spirit into his home:)

Love you all!! If you didn't get an opportunity to watch conference then I really recommend you do so:) It was awesome for sure!

-Sister Monica Walker
My mailman from my last area
Kalani was a recent convert who I LOVE!
Not a pro player, don't even know which string is which, but we were helping some lady move and she said I could take a picture with it, so I did:)
We celebrated Sister Danible's birthday shortly after transfers:) It was super fun!

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