Monday, June 22, 2015

Work is Going Forward

This week has been super crazy. Four of our investigators are preparing to be baptized. One is being baptized on the 11th of July, and the rest are on the 18th. We are going to finish the 5th lesson with them this week, but its super fun because we are helping them plan the specific parts of the baptism itself, like who performs it, who is speaking, witnesses, etc. I'M SO EXCITED!! The three being baptized on the 18th are a family, the mother Rhonda, and her two boys Eric and Carlos. Eric is 12 and about Robert's height, and Carlos is 9 and about Spencer's height. Its hard remembering they are so young because Eric looks so much older, and Carlos asks questions that make him seem a lot older than he actually is. For example, when giving the Plan of Salvation, he asked if when we go to the Celestial Kingdom if we will have all our memories back from the pre-existence. Adults don't even know to ask that sometimes!

President Cottle gave my companion and I a shout out in the weekly letter he sent out this week. That was pretty awesome. He congratulated us for getting 8 out of 9 goals every week (for the past 4 weeks for me, and 6 for Sister Applegate) while also exceeding the Standards of Excellence he has set for the mission. It is honestly the Lord's doing and not ours though, because he has made sure that we were led to some awesome people. Next transfer I think we have at least one baptism scheduled for every week, and it is because we have been guided to those who are ready all at once. I have a feeling that after they get baptized that the amount of people that we will see every week will drop. Hopefully not though. 

We met this one lady who is actually a referral from a member. Its the member's dentist. Her name is Jo, and when we showed up at her house with a Book of Mormon for her, she about cried. We talked to her for about ten minutes and in those ten minutes she hugged us about 50 times. Plus she has a fascination with my last name because her grandfather's last name was Walker. So she keeps mentioning that. We taught her the restoration last Friday, and she loves the idea that prophets exist today, but she not quite sure if she like President Monson being the prophet. We invited her to listen to one of his talks, to see what she thinks of him. I think she will love his talks. He is super funny when he talks, and she would love that about him. She's a very excited lady, and she always has huge reactions to anything we tell her, so it takes a really long time for us to bear our testimony, but I think she will really enjoy the rest of the message that we have for her.

I really do love it here! It is awesome!
Sister Monica Walker

PS Remember how I said it was really hot here? Well apparently it is the hottest it has been for about ten years, and the heat is picking up faster then it has in previous years as well. Lame. Sometimes I pray for doors to be opened so I can feel a nice breeze of ACed air. The worst is when we are teaching a single male where we have to stay outside because there isn't another female there. Those lessons are really exhausting.

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