Wednesday, May 27, 2015

String of Emails

Sister Monica Walker and her new companion Sister Applegate
This is me and my new companion Sister Applegate:) She's nice enough that she took a picture and sent it to me so I could send it to you. Also, if you have time, can you send me Hollie's email address? You should be able to find it in my email if you search for her name. (Hollie Applegate). I want to be able to email her while I'm here. At least to tell her where to send letters and stuff, because I forgot to tell her that before I left.

-Your loving sister missionary daughter:)

PS they aren't of any relation, but I do think its cool that Hollie and my new trainer have the same last name.

Email 1
Subject: Are you home?
I have about 40 mins to email, and I'm done emailing everyone. You have any questions?
I have to be off by I think 4:30 my time so 1:30 your time

Email 2
Subject: Emails
I've decided to send you a bunch of emails that are really short, so you either see it sooner that I emailed, or you just get a bunch of emails from me when you get back from where ever you are

Email 3
Subject: Pictures
I totally should have brought my camera and sent the pictures, but I forgot it in my apartment. Oh well.

Email 4
Subject: Home
Isn't it cool that I get to not only live super close to the mission home/office, but also so close to the transfer meeting? We drive not quite 20 mins to reach where I live. And its in a gated community! My trainer said its the nicest place she has ever lived in her entire mission. Before this she said she used to live in a trailer. what a switch!

Sister Monica and her new companion Sister Applegate
Email 5
Subject: Umm
I honestly don't know what else to say. Hurry and get home!

Email 6
Subject: Emails
Wouldn't it be funny if these emails all arrived at the same time?

Email 7
Subject: (No Subject)
I'm super bored....
Maybe I will email Alex to see if she is there

Email 8
Subject: (No Subject)
nope. No one has answered yet. I bet it is because of the emails. They will probably all get there in an hour or two..

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