Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Snail Mail

[Transcript of the above letter]

Dear Mother,

I have been told I'm supposed to write you a letter telling you that I am alive. So...
I AM ALIVE... probably. After all, it's been a few days since I sent this
so... haha. I did feel out of it my first day. I honestly had no idea what to expect.
Everyone always talks about their mission and rarely their stay at the MTC. So other then knowing
I had some kind of class I had no idea what to expect. Every day is packed from start to finish
but despite how tired I get I honestly love it. It's a little hard sometimes transitioning, but once I
get started it is hard for me to stop. And that's even though the lessons we make are for fake investigators.

I have two companions who are both wonderfully fantastic people both of whom are going to
Georgia Macon mission. Sister McCullock* served a mini 3 month mission in Salt Lake City
South (started after Josh left) and was released from that mission a week before being set apart as
a missionary for Georgia. So she actually only has 15 months left of her mission. She's from
Sandy Utah and she's super nice. My other companion Sister Pilimai** is from Sandy, Utah too.
She grew up in Ventura, CA. She's pretty awesome too :). Both of them are a few months older
than me and I love their spiritual though. It's just great.

I love the MTC, but I am so anxious to get out to the mission field and talk to
real investigators. The classes we take are super helpful in letting us know what to teach, or rather
how to bring the Spirit so it can teach. Everyday is scheduled to the brim and I don't 
even know how we can have enough time to sleep.

Well, I love you all, but this is all I'm going to write because I have a lot to do.
I will be emailing you next week and you will probably hear more then.

Love, your favorite missionary :D
Sister Monica Walker

P.S. I forgot stamps, can you send some to me?

*pronounced (Mec-cull-ock) it's Scottish
**pronounce (pé-lé-my) it's Semoan

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