Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tying It Into A Gospel Principle

Dearest Mother,

I actually get to email on a Monday this week!! There have been so many holidays it seems, so I feel like it has been a long time since I have emailed on Monday, and then also just so you know, next week my mission president decided to have our Zone Conference on Monday so our P-day is going to be Tuesday. (So no email until Tuesday).

That is so awesome that you used the training I gave a few weeks ago in your seminary class! It didn't really go as planned when I did it with my district either, but it was really cool to see the outcomes that could occur, and how you can still tie that in to the gospel. One thing I have loved that you helped install in me is the ability to tie anything to a gospel principle. It helps a lot when I am trying to talk to other people about the gospel, and they start to go into tangents about the weirdest things, and as long as I know what they are talking about, then I am able to tied it back into the gospel. The hardest part is tying it not just into anything, but to specific principles. For example, tying in Star Wars to the principle of how Heavenly Father loves us. If I can do it though, it helps me understand the investigator or the person we are teaching better though because we will start with whatever principle, and somehow it made them think of the tangent they went on, and if I can make a connection back to whatever principle we are trying to discuss then it helps me understand better how this person thinks, and what would be most effective in getting their attention, and allowing the Spirit to direct as needed. It's an interesting exercise to do, and I want to practice it more, because it is fun trying to get it all together, where everyone is on the same page. There are so many skills we learn as youth and children that I never really thought I would use as a missionary. Its a wonderful blessing to be able to recognize the help that my Heavenly Father has given me throughout my life to help prepare me for where I am right now with the people I am with in this very moment. Kinda cool..

So a short funny story.. Our dishwasher exploded bubbles last Friday for no apparent reason.. It was a good thing we were home planning otherwise we probably would have come home hours later to a kitchen filled with bubbles. So I spent two hours cleaning the floor and behind the fridge from all the grime and water and bubbles, while my companion continued planning. It was an interesting but super disgusting experience. Cleaning under refrigerators are not something I like to do, especially when I can't identify what some of the stuff is that I am cleaning up.. (especially when I have to be on my hands and knees to clean it). 

Other funny thing was that this morning when Sister Maher had her clothes running in the washing machine, it started in the spin cycle, and we heard a clunk, and then it was making a lot of noise, that it hadn't ever done before. So basically it was an affirmation that our apartment is old and all the appliances are starting to fail.. I wonder if the warranties are expiring..

Oh and also our oven burns our cookies anytime we try to make cookies.. So that's fun too.. Our microwave seems to be working ok though even though its also super old.. Hopefully it will last for the next while (at least until I leave.)..

I am glad the family is doing well! And how exciting to hear that Jake is getting married!! So exciting!! and Veronica too? Who too? I might actually know who that one is, unless things have changed since I left on my mission..

Also, I was emailing Hollie, and she told me that Tristine had a baby!! so exciting! It is kinda weird to think of how life moves on while you are on a mission though. But all is good.

Love you forever!
-Sister Walker

PS 80 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Until her 20th birthday].

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