Monday, August 3, 2015

Be Like Little Children

Dearest Madre,
CHARLES IS TOO CUTE!! Oh that boy! I'm sad I missed out on his major walking habits. I really only saw it for one day before I left for my mission. 

I do think it is really awesome that you have been thinking about how we are supposed to be like little children! I don't remember if I said something about that in my last letter or not, but the past few weeks, that has been what is on my mind as I talk to members. Usually after we eat with them, we leave them with a scripture, and since I got to 3 Nephi, where Christ is talking to the people, I have been stuck on the scripture that tells them to let the little ones come to Him, and then they are ministered unto by angels. So often now we are forgetting who we are actually praying to, and how we are supposed to pray, that a lot of time our prayers, as sincere as they may be, say the same things over and over. While that is not bad, when we do that, we tend to forget the little things in the day, so the invitation we extend to members is to listen to the prayers of their children, hear what they are thankful for, and asking for, and then say prayers along those same lines. It makes our prayers more simple and direct and we start to think more about how maybe we don't need this really big thing because look at all the little things we have! Or whatever.. Anyways. I just thought it was cool that our thoughts were kinda on the same line. Like mother like daughter right?

Evon is still in the hospital in Macon, but should be out on Thursday, and we plan on seeing her after that. We call her every few days to make sure she is still ok and healing, and she really enjoys our phone calls:)

Dad and Robert are the Chapman's home teachers right? That must have been really fun for everyone:) I'm sure they enjoyed having Ben and Josh there too. Especially since it has been a long time since they have really seen them.

I hope they all had fun on the hike! Do you know if any of them jumped off a cliff? When I went to Girl's Camp and did that hike, Dad told me that I should jump off the cliff because all my friends were doing it. Aren't parents usually the ones that tell you not to jump off a cliff when your friends do? I hope he told all of them that too.. Also tell Michael I said hi!

So crazy things happened this week. The craziest was actually on Saturday. We are so stoked and excited for that night because Nina (one of our investigators) was getting baptized. So we are driving around trying to go to all of our appointments, when Sister Applegate does a u-turn at one of the 3 way stops. We do this all the time because other wise I have to get out of the car and back her every time she needs to turn around. So anyways, we are actually on the phone with a member because we were heading to her house to walk with her to an appointment we had, who was her neighbor, but suddenly, my side of the car suddenly dips, and we are stuck. I tell the member we will call her back later and get out, and lo and behold! The right front tire fell into a sewer drain that was kinda hidden, and there was pretty much no way we were going to get out, because the bottom of the car is resting on the top of the drain.. So we run to a nearby house to ask for help, and they came outside and told us not to try to move it because it will probably ruin the car, so we called Elder Cole (Our vehicle coordinator) to get a tow truck for us to get out car out. This family let us come stay in their home (that they were moving into). They were all super nice people, and I learned that one for the couples had just gotten back from a mission for their church from Scotland. They had been there for 20 years!! So crazy. Her name was actually Kathy too, which was cool:) So anyways, we hang out for a while waiting for Elder Cole to call us back and tell us what to do, because they were actually on their way to a baptism, and he needed to go back for all the information. Whoops. Also, we had to call the member back and tell her the lesson was cancelled for the time being, because we had "run into some problems". Haha get it? So we talked with this family, and they were actually house sitting for another couple who had just left for Cambodia, and they were cleaning everything out. They people that actually owned the house had about a million of those dolls, china, porcelain, fabric, etc, and it was kinda creepy. We didn't really teach them anything, because we each got the impression that they wouldn't be very happy with us if we tried to, but we did tell them about missions in general, and we had a wonderful conversation about Jesus, police officers, and cars. Its was pretty fun:) The tow truck got our car out without any hassle and without any damage to the car so we were able to drive it away. It would have been awkward of there had been damage though because we had a baptism that night that President and Sister Cottle were going to, and they wouldn't have been very happy about it.

Oh! The baptism was pretty funny too, because we let Nina pick the songs, and she picked the songs that she liked the words to, so we sang hymn #25 and #32, which basically no one knew. And I had the lead the music. That was scary too, because President Cottle is a fanatic about leading correctly for music, and one of the first things he taught us when we arrived was how to lead music. It was a pretty interesting night. No one really looked at me though, because no one knew the song, so all their eyes were glued to the page. Haha that part was nice.

I love being a missionary! You get some pretty awesome stories:)
Love y'all!!

-Sister Monica Walker

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