Monday, July 13, 2015


Dearest Mother,
I told someone the other day that you miss me because I am your favorite child. They laughed. I don't think they realized that I was serious. Haha, just kidding. I know you love your other children too, but I'm your favorite missionary:) 

I love that you got to experience that at the temple! There was a time when I did confirmations at the Provo temple that one of the Brethren who had their hands on my head was deaf. He wasn't the one "speaking" but I still thought it was cool that they can still participate in the ordinance. 

I love temples so much! They are so awesome. We have some members that just passed their year mark, and they are preparing to go to the temple with their spouses and their children to be sealed together. I am so excited for them! I will probably be here when they go, but I won't be able to go to the temple with them since the Temple is 2 hours away and way out of our mission. I'm still excited for them though. One of the brothers who just passed his year mark is Brother Ramsey. We are so happy for him! The other brother who just passed his year mark is Brother Grove. He is super awesome! He is a Bible scholar and he knows so much about the scriptures already! We send out a scripture every morning, and he will almost always send one back within minutes. We don't know when he will be going to the temple, because his wife wasn't baptized until February. So he has a long time to wait before he can be sealed to her. We are trying to tell him that they can both go do baptisms, and he can go get his endowments, but I'm not sure if they will right now. They are an older couple too, so it is hard for them to travel long distances sometimes.

I'm glad you and Robert got home safely. We almost saw an accident on the road the other day. It wasn't serious, but they did collide. Sister Applegate and I were in the front of the line at a red light, and she didn't see it because the accident happened on the one blind spot in her vision (the part of the car between the front window and the side window), and my head was down. No one got hurt, but I felt bad that we just happened to miss it so that we couldn't go and help. It made me aware though that driving can be really dangerous, even when you aren't going very far. So I'm glad you got home safely.

Robert, advice to you. Follow the traffic rules. DO NOT SPEED, and do not get angry when someone is going slower or faster than you. We all committed to follow the laws of the land when we were baptized. So treat them like commandments.

Everything is going well though:) I told Dad that we had 3 baptisms on the 11th, and I actually meant the 18th. Haha. We are super excited for them though! The work is going great and we are meeting so many people and baring our testimony to all of them:)

Sending my love,
Sister Monica Walker
PS My Mother and Father are precious to me too:) 

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